Marketing and podcast Training

Learn new skills to elevate your business

Do you want to up-skill some of your existing team members or learn how to produce, edit and distribute a podcast entirely by yourself? I have trained teams of 500+ on content creation and social media marketing. I also offer training in small groups, 1:1 in-person or online. 

Build confidence

Cost effective

Public speaker


Podcast Host Training
Learn to be a confident, engaging podcast host who gets interesting answers from their guests, keeps a good show pace and shows their own personality.

Podcast Production Training 

Learn how to record a high-quality podcast both in the studio and virtually. You’ll learn about microphones, background noise, show format and host preparation. We can also teach you how to record a video version of your show.

 Podcast Editing Training

Learn to edit your podcast with intro and outro music, level audio, removal of mistakes, coughs and ummms.

Video and photography for Social Media Training 

Learn how to shoot and edit beautiful, compelling content for use on digital properties including social media. 

Social Media Management

Do you want to learn how to build and run a valuable and engaged social media brand for your business? We’ll teach you about account and community management, content creation and how to measure success. 

Graphic design for social media

Learn how to create fast, on-brand graphics for social media that educate, influence and entertain your target audience. 

Don’t just take our word for it

“Alice has done an incredible job – growing the social media presence of Naked Security by orders of magnitude across multiple channels, while also producing a world-class, award-winning podcast series. She has a deep understanding of our cybersecurity audience and produces content that is relevant, informational and entertaining.”

Marty Ward Vice President of Communications and Content at Sophos

“Alice helped me with a photoshoot for my website and taught me how to film Reels for Instagram. We had a wonderfully valuable day together and I am delighted with the results. Alice is fun, friendly and very encouraging for those who aren’t used to being on camera. I plan to work with her again soon.”

Anna Wakeham - Founder of Wellesley Place

“Alice is someone you want in the room when strategic ideas, content and social media are being discussed. She’s a pro and knows how to make things happen.”

Jon Briggs - Managing Director of Food Fight Studios and The Lab